HortiLab Seeds

HortiLab offers only the highest quality medical cannabis seeds. If you're looking for a Seed Bank with medicinal cannabis genetics, we are your Seed Bank of choice! Check out our award-winning StarBud Seed (1st Place ICMag 2009 Breeder Indica & 1st Place 22nd High Times Cannabis Cup 2009 Indica Cup) and our other great medicinal cannabis genetics coming up soon!

HortiLab Seeds StarBud

2010 23rd Hightimes Cannabis Cup: Seed Company Hash Cup 1st Place - StarBud Meltz
2010 Spannabis Champions Cup: Indoor Bio Cup 2nd Place - StarBud
2009 22nd Hightimes Cannabis Cup: Indica Cup 1st Place - StarBud
2009 IC Mag 420 Cup: Breeder Indica Cup 1st Place - StarBud

StarBud is our Indica flagship. A beautiful and potent Indica strain originating from the mid west USA with buds so frosty they sparkle like stars in a clear summer night and a super strong potency that almost makes you see stars. The flowering time is exactly 8 weeks and this strains produces super frosty, rock hard indica buds. Perfect for a nice siesta and people who need sedative effects.

Starbud is a clone selected by us from a seed line we recieved from a private grower from the mid west USA. The exact make up is a mystery.

After having grown out 100s of seeds and clones from the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada and also the USA (and a few other countries as well) we knew the "Starbud" is a winner.
This was confirmed by the judges at the 420 Cup as well as the judges from the "Berkley Patients Group" at the 22nd HighTimesCannabisCup.

Now for the first time the feminized version of the cup winning clone is available.

Sour Amnesia

East Coast meets Europe! Sour Diesel, one of the most notorious  
strains from the USA teams up with one of Hollands most finest, the  
original southern Holland Amnesia cut.
Without a doubt, breakfast for champions.

Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time: +-75days


Super Sour Skunk

The latest release from HortiLab. An old school pre 98 super Skunk clone from Holland was pollinated with our ECSDv3 dad. The result is a  
Sour Diesel dominat type of skunk plant with a very good flower to leaf ratio and a soaring sativa high which will keep you happy and  
smiling all day. Skunky & Sour all the way. Flowering time is about 10-11 weeks and plants produce very good yields of compact buds.

Available in pack 10 regular cannabis seeds

Sour joker

"Sour Joker" is a X between our ECSD v3 daddy and an "Amnesia Haze"  
clone (different from the original "Amnesia" clone used for our Sour  

Mostly Sativa
flowering Time: +-70days